Hello Everyone,

We hope you had a great summer! Choir starts on Tuesday Sept. 13th. For newer members, Dale Wood is our Music Director (Yes, he leads the choir, plays the piano and mouths the words...all at the same time), Joanna Fraser is the Artistic Director (in charge of acting, staging and choreography), and I am the Choir Manager (in charge of logistics and handwringing).

If your child likes to sing and perform, then this is the place for you.  We meet on Tuesdays at the Christian Reformed Church, which is  beside the Christian School on Trafalgar Rd at the Christian Reformed Church. We are not affiliated with a religious organization, but we have found the perfect place for our kids to practice and for our parents to wait for their kids. Times for each age group are on the application form. All kids ages 5 to 20 are welcome to join us in one of the 4 choir divisions (see attached sign up form for details). Members age 9 to 20 can also apply to be in a second choir, called Performance choir. Membership in the Performance choir is based on voice quality, attendance and behaviour. If you’d like to try this extra choir, we will set up an audition for you. Just ask on the first night of choir.

This is our 25th Anniversary Year, and it is going to be a great one!  Yes, Dale and I have been running this choir for 25 years now and yes, it is still a lot of fun. Dale called me one day in early 1992 and asked if I wanted to start a choir and try to get “a few kids out”. I liked kids and I liked music, so I thought it was a fine idea. Who could have predicted that, for Dale and me, choir would be a life sentence with no chance of parole!!! :-)

Please see the registration form attached, print it off, fill it out (one per choir member) and bring it to choir on Sept. 13th. Choir costs $150 a year plus $10 for a T-shirt. Same place, same time, same price... Cheques are made payable to: Georgetown Children’s Chorus, or you can pay in cash. One of these days, we will have a better system of collecting payment, but we do love to keep our prices down and payment on line costs money...plus I am too tired to look into this. :-)

We will put on BOTH our shows at the John Elliott Theatre this season. Our Christmas concert will be on Sunday Dec. 11 (two shows, 1 and 4pm). Please keep your schedule open for the whole day. We can’t fit our audience into one performance and we prefer not to have fist fights during the ticket selling process (although Grandmothers duking it out might be fun...)

Our Christmas show this year is a rock musical called “Sheep in Heavenly Peace” (and it’s hilarious!) We use sound, lighting, costumes and simple choreography. This show is for Junior members (age 7 and 8) who are in the chorus) and for Intermediate members (age 9 to 11) who will be singing and will also have lines. All singers sing from memory in all choirs and we will get you a practice CD, to play over and over again in your car until you and your entire family can’t stand it.

The Cherubs (kids age 5 and 6), sing simpler songs with some simple choreography. Senior choir members sing pop Christmas songs and some challenging pieces with 5 part harmonies.  They also have a couple of numbers with choreography to make it more fun.

For the past 17 years, we have also performed at the Remembrance Service in honour of our veterans. This is on  Sunday Nov 6th at the Christian Reformed Church (where we practice). The Performance and Senior Choirs will both be singing and we share the stage with the adults from the Georgetown Choral Society who are also conducted by Dale Wood.

Once you have paid your membership, you will be given a folder with music (words for the little ones). I was offered free tickets to TIFF so I won’t be there the first night, but Joanna and several helping parents will be there to assist with the first rehearsal. If you love noise and confusion and can handle a stapler and spell chorus, you are a qualified helper.

If you are super organized, please note that our Spring concert is on Sunday April 9th (two shows, 1 and 4pm) at the John Elliott Theatre. The theme this year is music from across Canada (of course!!) to celebrate Canada’s special birthday.

The older choirs have been invited to join with the Choral Society on Sat. May 6th for their concert, “Canada 150, Eh?” More details will follow. Sounds like a lot of fun!

Just email me  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you have any questions! Except about our trip to France. It is not finalized. I will tell you that we are leaving the evening of July 7th or July 14th. We didn’t want to spend Canada Day in the air, so June 30th was out. Plus, we know that we will be doing lots of singing on Canada’s 150th. The itinerary is exciting. More news on this, once choir is up and running.

See you soon….