Our Christmas concerts will be held at the John Elliott Theatre. 1pm and 4pm performances. All choir members are needed for both shows. Here's all the info about rehearsals and concerts.

Saturday, December 10th (Junior and Intermediate Choirs)

We are doing two full runs of our rock musical (Sheep in Heavenly Peace) at Globe’s Old Armoury at the Georgetown Fairgrounds near the Charles Street entrance. ONLY Intermediates and Juniors are required for this rehearsal. Intermediates come from 12 to 4 (that’s why we are paying you the big bucks!) and Juniors come from 2:30 to 4. Intermediates, please wear your costume, so that you can get used to performing in it. If you haven’t got one yet, we will bring extra costumes with us and be sure to give it to you. Juniors (who are all dressed as sheep) do not have to bring a costume on Sat.

Sunday, December 11 (All Choirs)

This is it! The big day. Our Christmas concerts will be held at the John Elliott Theatre. 1pm and 4pm performances. All choir members are needed for both shows.
Everyone needs to arrive at the John Elliott Theatre by 12 noon at the LATEST. We need to do a mic check and a vocal warmup and make sure that your costume is on properly. If you show up at 12:20, we will talk about you behind your back and say that you are disorganized...or irresponsible...or both! Dale, Joanna and I will be there at 11am.

What to wear:  
Cherubs: Sunday Best
Juniors: Sheep costumes. This consists of sheep hats (the ones that Sandra Runnals- Lichty organized...thanks, Sandra!) which I will give you when you arrive at the theatre (unless I gave you one at rehearsal before I had this great idea), white undershirts (the ones that I gave out at the dress rehearsal, I have a couple of extras) and black pants or jeans if you have them. Otherwise, blue jeans will work too. If you have black shoes, great. If not, white runners will be fine. No sparkly ones if you can help it! After the concert, we will grab the sheep hats. Please take home and wash the white undershirts and return them to choir in the New Year. When you turn them in, we will note your name. We will use these again and avoid paying $140 for more shirts. Thanks!
Intermediates: You have been given robes (or you will be given one on Sat at rehearsal). It will be hot on stage and in the dressing rooms, so wear an undershirt and light pants underneath. Please bring a rope to keep longer robes up so you can walk. All of these robes belong to me and some are ones I bought in Egypt or Israel, so please take care of them. Reminder: if you are an Intermediate who sings in the Performance choir, you will need a Sunday Best outfit too, or you will be the only Shepherd in a sea of velvet and lace.
Seniors: Sunday Best. Something nice would be good. Please be able to bend over, sit down and walk with ease in whatever you are wearing. Super high heels may look good temporarily, but not so much if you fall over in them on stage.:-)
What NOT to wear:

No big bows in your hair or HATS, please. First of all, we won’t be able to see your face well. There are two big reasons why audiences come...to hear your beautiful voices and to SEE your smiling face. It is true that SOME people come out of obligation and don’t care if they can see you OR hear you...... and they shall be called brothers and sisters.. If you think we don’t need to see your face, we’ll do a concert with potato sacks over our heads and see how many people come out to see us.  As far as hats and sparkly, flashing barrettes go, please do not draw focus from the other choir members. Choir is a TEAM sport. If you wear a hat (or pick your nose), people will notice you.

Tickets - still a few tickets left!

We still have a few tickets left.... 29 for the 1pm show (none left on line) and 32 for the 4pm show (plus a few online via the JET box office). I will be at the Old Armoury Sat. Dec. 10 from noon to 4pm if you want to buy some. Any tickets left over will be sold at the door, but you are better to get these in advance if you can.

Choir members of all ages are welcome to sit with their parents in the audience for the half of the show that they are NOT performing in, by buying a “member ticket” for $10. Please note that all members are required to sing at both shows. There are no second class performances in our choir!! Please make this happen. It is good for developing performance skills (they are invariably more relaxed in the second show...sometimes TOOOO relaxed, but no matter.) plus every audience wants to see the same show. Please share the lovely poster which is attached...please post and share with friends and unsuspecting family.

Ticket prices:

Adults: $20 (18 and up, no senior or group discounts)

Kids: $15 (zero to 18)

Member tickets: $10

Download ticket ordering form >>
Download poster >>

Food and Drink at the Concert

We are supplying a bottle of water (with a marker for your child’s name) for ALL choir members. We also have a nut free nutritional bar for each member for in between shows. DO NOT bring food with nuts in it. Please do not bring chips, cheesies or any messy food to the concert. If I see anyone with this stuff, I will a) steal it and eat it myself and b) ask you to stay and do the cleanup. Well actually I have parents assigned to the cleanup, but you aren’t supposed to know that, so DO NOT bring junk, pop or juice. The kids are already high on the excitement of the big day and they don’t need more sugar :-) Eat a big breakfast and bring a healthy (not messy) snack without nuts. Please stress to your intermediates and seniors that they need to DRINK a lot during and between shows. The lights are hot and metabolisms run high with the excitement of being with friends.

Volunteers needed for the concert!

I have a list somewhere with all of you and who is assigned to what time and job. Can’t find it at the moment. If I find it before Sunday, I will send it to you as a reminder. Don’t assume that I won’t remember what you said you’d do. No tricks!

Elaine and I have been selling tickets and marking what you volunteered for on the ticket forms. Please note that unless you paid $25 per child, per choir to NOT volunteer, then we expect you to volunteer. :-) I will send out a list after Tuesday’s sign up to see where we have holes and to ensure that everyone has signed up. Joanna and I have decided that we are NOT doing sets for “Sheep in Heavenly Peace”. Costumes, props, a rock band accompaniment, lighting effects, sound effects and superb singing and dancing will have to do! :-)

Here’s a job for someone. I need a parent to drive to Brampton, mid-day on Dec. 5th to pick up our microphones (they are called LAVS, not to be confused with Light Armoured Vehicles) from the Long & McQuade music store on Hwy 10 near Main Street. Can you help? I have done this many times and am now on “work to rule”, thereby forfeiting the chance to do this once again on top of all the other stuff I do. I will need a second parent (or the same wonderful one) to take them back on the Monday after the show.