Dear Parents and Choir Members,

First of all...welcome new members! We are so happy that you have joined us to sing and celebrate Canada through song. This is going to be such a fun year!


Christmas Leftovers

This is not turkey, so relax. If you are in the Junior choir, we need your white t-shirts back (preferably washed first), so that the next time we need 30 sheep, we won’t have to spend $200 on t-shirts. Speaking of sheep, your kids looked sooooooo cute. What a great childhood memory! Another leftover...if you own a pair of red gloves, please let me know. I found them in the dressing room and as much as they match my elf costume beautifully, I need to return them. Yes, I have an elf costume AND a Grinch costume in my basement, along with hundreds of other costumes...angels and shepherds, not to mention Indiana Jones ( the costume, not the man) and about 100 hats. My husband is a very patient man, which is why I have kept him these past 35 years.

Songs for Canada

For the 6th time in our 25 year history, we are singing about our favourite place in the world...CANADA! We are at the John Elliott Theatre on Sunday April 9th for 1pm and 4pm concerts. All 110 members of our choir are singing at these two “Songs for Canada” concerts and it will be a real tear jerker...not because anyone sings badly, but because cute little kids and wholesome teens singing great songs about their country is an emotional experience. Tickets will be on sale the last 4 four practices, including the dress rehearsal at the JET, which is on Tuesday April 4th. We will be looking for helpers to look after the purchase of Canada T-shirts, to design lighting and to Stage Manage both shows. Al is at Fort York lending his 18 pounder WW1 gun for the 100th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge (which is why he doesn’t complain that I only collect costumes!).

We’re in Demand!

The Georgetown Choral Society has invited our Senior and Performance choirs to participate in their Spring concert on Sat. May 6th, 2017. The concert is called “Canada 150, Eh?” We will sing with the GCS and perform a couple of songs on our own (plus GCC Alumni who are members of the GCS). These songs are all ones that we are singing at our April 9th concerts, so we will only need some brush up to sing them a month later. If you are free on May 6th AND you can attend two dress rehearsals with the GCS  on Monday, April 24th and Monday, May 1st (held at our usual practice place at 7:30 pm), then you are in for a treat. Please tell Joanna at practice this week or next, if your child can join us, so that I can give the Choral Society numbers. I know that our SHREK (Globe Productions’ show) cast members have a conflict, so there is no need to respond.

And then the NEXT weekend: The Achill Choral Society has invited our Intermediate, Senior and Performance choirs to participate in their Spring concert on Sat. May 13th, 2017 to be held at the Mayfield School Theatre, in Caledon. We will be the junior choir for their Mass to the Earth called “Missa Gai”. We did this concert about 18 years ago and people are still talking about it. The name Missa Gaia stems from two languages, Latin (missa = mass) and Greek (gaia = mother nature). The mass is an environmental liturgy of contemporary music. It features the choir, vocal soloists, and the calls of wolves, whales, and many other animals that are woven into the pieces, sometimes used as the melody. Each GCC member performing will receive a free ticket for a parent attend. More information will be coming as we get closer. There will be a few extra rehearsals, but once again, we are singing most of the music at our own concert in April.

Our France Trip (leaving July 14th) is booked! 

We had 40 people sign up and we are ready to go! We have 20 wonderful young singers coming and an equal number of enthusiastic adults to help guide them. We are able to fit into one bus, which will make it especially fun. Most of the adults are singers too, so it might be a VERY noisy bus!! We are booked to sing at the Menin Gate in Ypres and at Juno Beach, along with a dozen other places where we will sing to honour the soldiers who fought there and the fallen who did not return. We are planning a get together soon so that everyone can meet. I think that Al is planning on giving us some history discussions in advance, so that will be arranged as well.
That’s it for now...just so you know, if we get asked to sing for the Queen on Canada Day, we’re going to say yes to that too. We can sleep in 2018 :-)