Our Christmas concerts will be held at the John Elliott Theatre. 1pm and 4pm performances. All choir members are needed for both shows. Here's all the info about rehearsals and concerts.

You are invited to Georgetown Childrens Chorus' annual Christmas concert! A Rock Christmas Musical (Plus Christmas songs/carols). Join 100 kids ages 5 to 18 as they celebrate the Christmas Season.

Hello Everyone,

We hope you had a great summer! Choir starts on Tuesday Sept. 13th. For newer members, Dale Wood is our Music Director (Yes, he leads the choir, plays the piano and mouths the words...all at the same time), Joanna Fraser is the Artistic Director (in charge of acting, staging and choreography), and I am the Choir Manager (in charge of logistics and handwringing).

We had a great meeting on Nov. 6. I have had interest from almost 60 kids and adults. I have extra itineraries if you misplaced yours. All senior choir members are guaranteed a spot on the trip if they want to come.